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Itzi Game

  • $29.00

It's called "Itzi" but the action is huge!   Players match cards in a boisterous burst of quick thinking, card-slapping hilarity.

Quick-moving, yet simple family fun.  Quick, name a drink with bubbles that starts with “C.” If you said, “Coke”, “Champagne”, or “CoIa,” you pretty much know how to play. ITZI is super-simple to learn, and super-fast to play! Be the first to match the right letter cards to the right clue cards. Plus there are lots of ways to play with fun, colourful twists. ITZI... It’z simple! It’z fast! It’z letters! It’z laughs!

Contains 120 ITZI Cards & 75 Letter Cards

A game for 2 – 8 players

Recommended for ages 8 years+4

American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) – Best Toys for Kids 2018 – Winner Game Night


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