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About Us

Welcome to who what why online

This is a place where you can see and buy toys and activities that children enjoy, are made to last and most importantly will provide educational and development value. 

We have tried to catagorise the site to enable easy movement to areas of interest and also to add age and gender recommendations where appropriate.  We will continue to update this site with new products as they become available.


who what why not only provides access to great toys but offers advice, specialist services and locates hard to find products. If you need these services, talk to our staff via phone or email. Our staff, who have qualifications in Early Childhood and Primary School level education, and Occupational Therapy, will be available to assist you.

Your primary contacts will be either Claire, Deb or Jessica - there will be other staff from time to time.  All our staff our trained to assist you with products on the web site as well as other items of interest.



We have recommended suitable ages for each product.  Each child will differ in their development, skills and interest.  This is just a suggestion and will vary for each child. 


Have you noticed toys have becomedisposable, only required until the next fad comes along? So did we!  who what why was started in 1995 with a philosophy of 

                                                       “Toys that Teach”, “Toys that Last”,“Toys that Entertain”.

We spend a great deal of time seeking out and researching toys that will offer good quality, good value, and the necessary development and entertainment requirements for your children.

Our retail outlet at 485 Dean Street, Albury, NSW, is available for you to come in and browse or you can just browse over this site and place an order by phone or email.

Happy Shopping!