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Plasma Swing Car - Light up Wheels - Yellow

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  • $159.00

The Plasma Swing Car is perfect physical for kids and is propelled by wiggling the front steering wheel which is attached to two pivoting wheels touching the ground. It harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction in order to drive the car forward and backwards.

The Swing car uses the most inexhaustible of energy sources - kid power.

It's great exercise indoors or outdoors and maximum speed can be up to 10km/h on flat smooth surfaces. This little car not only develops coordination and strengthens the upper body but is a workout for “core muscles” while converting body movement and wheel friction into motion. It works with simple body motions without batteries or a motor. The faster your body moves, the faster the Go Go car will travel.

Tough construction with large sealed bearings in the steering for smooth operation and long life and all light up wheels.

Holds up to 100kg on a smooth, flat surface.

Recommended for Ages 5 years - 100 years - up to 100kgs

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