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Trucky 3 - Smart Games

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Trucky 3 only looks 3D, but has in fact 2D challenges. For the easy challenges you only need to fill up one truck with 2 or 3 puzzle pieces. But for the more difficult challenges you need to load the cargo in 2 or 3 trucks. The problem of course is that you don’t know which pieces will go in which truck.

The game is named Trucky 3 because it contains 3 small trucks. The basis and cabins are made of wood, but the 10 different puzzle pieces are made of colourful plastic.  The containers are made transparent, so you can see how the blocks are stacked inside.  They are small and light and fit perfectly in children's hands and you can just play with the trucks.
The game was inspired by packing a car for holidays and trying to fit everything in, just like a puzzle. 

Includes 48 challenges with 4 levels of difficulty.

Contents: 10 Colourful Blocks, 3 Trucks, Rules book with 48 Challenges.

Recommended for 4 years +



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