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Animal Rescue Helicopter - Schleich Wildlife 42476 NEW 2020 AVAILABLE AUGUST

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  • $80.00

Includes: 1x lion, 1x baby hippopotamus, 1x ranger, 1x helicopter, 1x helmet, 1x cable winch, 1x net, 1x shovel

Measures 30 x 24 x 13 cm


A hippopotamus calf is in danger. The lion approaches with large strides, but luckily the ranger is already on his way to help in his helicopter!

In the new animal rescue helicopter from Schleich® Wild Life, the ranger can rescue the hippopotamus calf in a deep canyon from the lion. The ranger uses a cable winch to lower the transport net down from the helicopter. The young hippopotamus calf climbs into the net at the last moment and the ranger flies it away from the lion in no time. The rescue was successful!

Fun fact  – The ranger flies the hippopotamus calf to Tom and Ted, who examine it in the animal rescue truck.

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