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Crystal Science - KidzLabs 4M

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Conduct chemical experiments to grow your own Aquamarine Crystal, Glow-in-the-dark Moon Crystal Cluster and a Crystal Snow Tree. Learn how crystals are formed from solutions!

Display them in a collection and show them to your friends!

Contains a large bag of white crystal compound* (a base compound called Monoammonium Phosphate), a small bag of blue seeding mixture, a square transparent base with cover, a hexagonal transparent base with cover, a shallow hexagonal container, a glow-in-the-dark moon crystal base, a stirring bowl, a stirring spoon, 1 set of crystal snow tree paper and detailed instructions .

Also needed, but not included in this kit: a jar of steaming hot water, an apron, protective goggles, and rubber gloves.

The Moon Crystal Cluster will grow to about 45 mm in diameter and 35 mm in height.
The Aquamarine Crystal will grow to about 30 mm in diameter and 25 mm) in height.
The Crystal Snow tree will grow to about 70 mm in diameter and 80 mm in height.

Recommended for ages 8 years+ 

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