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  • WOW I Can Read - Book Set 3 (6 Books)

WOW I Can Read - Book Set 3 (6 Books)

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This is the third and most advanced set of six books in the ‘WOW! I Can Read’ series. Once again, these readers have been designed to encourage young children to read with confidence.

New Words introduced: 
Book 1 day, he, one, saw, was. 
Book 2 but, called, could, into, make, or. 
Book 3 be, because, not, of . 
Book 4 did, new, their, they, two, on. 
Book 5 come, no, too, want, we. 
Book 6 as, know, lived, many, that, there.


Recommended for ages 7 - 8 years

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