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  • Touch the Brightest Star - by Christie Matheson

Touch the Brightest Star - by Christie Matheson

  • $19.99

This is an interactive bedtime story, touch, tap, blink, whisper, and more to make magic happen in the nighttime sky, from sunset to sunrise.

What happens while you're sleeping? With lush, beautiful watercolors and cut-paper collage, Christie Matheson reveals the magic of the nighttime sky. Wave good-bye to the sun, gently press the firefly, make a wish on a star, rub the owls on their heads, and . . . shhhh. No two readings of this book will be the same. That along with the gentle, soothing rhythm, makes Touch the Brightest Star a bedtime winner—no matter how many times you and your child read it.

A companion to the popular and acclaimed Tap the Magic Tree!


by Christie Matheson  (Author, Illustrator)

Recommended for ages 4 - 8 years

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