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Balderdash Family Game

  • $46.00

Think you're a good liar, think you can tell when someone else is? This is the game for you!  Balderdash includes 5 different categories, words, people, initials, movies and dates to add some variety to the popular game Balderdash. The real answers are often even more outrageous than the bluffs, so the game offers plenty of laughs.

Balderdash is a hilarious bluffing board game in which you try to con your opponents into believing your made up answers to a weird and wonderful collection of words, people, initials, films and laws.
You can be as wacky or serious as you want, absolutely anything goes - but one thing's for sure, the answer that sounds right probably isn't!

Includes gameboard, 6 play pieces, die, 2475 questions on 495 cards, definition pads, and instructions.

A game for at least 4 players or many more
Recommended for ages 12 years +



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