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Sylvanian Families - Village Shoe Shop *

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The Sylvanian Families live in the idyllic world of Sylvania and encourage traditional family life play incorporating houses, furniture, accessories and memorable characters all with incredible detail that you'll love.

Let your Sylvanian put their paw forwards with a pair of shoes from the Village Shoe Shop. Stocking everything from clogs to sneakers, this shop is just the place to find your Sylvanians some footwear.

As well as two display stands, there are six pairs of children's shoes and three pairs of shoes for little tots. A display unit is provided to hold all these pumps, and there is a sofa too so your Sylvanians can rest their pegs while they try them on for size. To keep the clogs looking elegant are: Two shoe creams, two waxes and one brush. There is also a mirror so they can see what their shoesies look like, and two shoe boxes to help them get their spoils home.

With over 20 pieces, and nine pairs of shoes, this has everything you need to run your very own shoe shop.

Recommended for ages 4 years+


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