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Slimeball Dodgetag

  • $32.95

Slime ball dodge-tag game for boys and girls is a slime-themed twist on a dodgeball game. Players throw squishy balls at other players’ sticky target Vests

Perfect for dodgeball indoors or outside.  Slimeball dodgeball balls only stick to slime Vests, and won’t stick to anything else. For the best stick of squishy slime balls to slime targets, Wash occasionally with soap & water.

Dodgeball game set encourages active kids outdoor play. To add players, combine multiple slime tag sets!

2 x sticky tag vests with adjustable slime vest straps. – Dodgeball Vests measure 25 x 25 x  4cm

4 x dodgeballs -Tag balls are easy to grab, throw, and catch. Green slime balls measure 6.5 cm diameter

Dodgetag is a 2-player game

Recommended for ages 6 years +

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