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  • Pairzi Game NEW

Pairzi Game NEW

  • $29.00

PAIRZI - Gotta Getta Pair! An easy-to-learn fast-paced game that will have everyone wanting to play. The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 5 pairz of the Critter Cards! 

Each player has two dice they roll until someone gets a pair, whoever rolls a pair has to then find a matching pair of Critter Cards! Once they've collected their pair of Critter Cards they pick their dice back up and keep rolling. Each player must roll a pair on their dice before collecting a pair of Critter Cards. The first player to collect 5 pairs of Critter Cards shouts "PAIRZI" and wins the game!

Several different ways to play.

A game for 2 or more players

Recommended for ages 8 years+


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