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Mobilo - Flow 48pc set NEW

  • $86.00
  • $55.00

To add to you MOBILO sets comes new pieces –  the funnel, the slider and the rotating mill wheels, children are given new dimensions. Play, construct and experiment with real sand. 
The revolutionary added play value awakens the children's natural exploration spirit, promotes their concentration and lets them discover physical laws with a lot of fun and excitement: in which direction do the wheels turn? Why do you walk fast or slow? How does the sand flow? What happens when the slider is opened?

Mobilo is a robust construction system, totally safe and a great learning tool for toddlers. Your child will learn to grasp, balance and create wonderful objects and toys, at the same time using their imagination and developing motor skills. Mobilo lasts for years with the toughest of treatment. Flexible connectors allow the user to join the different elements together and to expand the system to a complex constructional kit.

Recommended for ages 3 - 8 years

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