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Sylvanian Families - Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner NEW 2020 COMING SOON

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  • $16.00

The Sylvanian Families live in the idyllic world of Sylvania and encourage traditional family life play incorporating houses, furniture, accessories and memorable characters all with incredible detail that you'll love.

Sylvanians love taking care of their surroundings, and with these new housekeeping appliances, they will be jollying through their household chores in no time at all

The washing machine has a large drum for even the biggest loads of laundry, and even more fun, turn the dial on the side to see the water level inside rising as the clothes are washed!

The modern, upright vacuum cleaner makes cleaning each room a breeze, and for those hard to reach spots, why not try the detachable handheld dust-buster?

Figures not included.

Recommended for ages 4 years+


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