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Tiny Stiches - Klutz

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Petite embroidery projects you can wear or display!

Tiny Stitches will teach you how to make quick, hip, tiny embroidery and turn it into decorative pieces you can wear or display. Learn the basics of sewing with Klutz-clear instructions, then show off finished sewn art on penny-sized hoops that can be made into necklace pendants, buttons, hair clips, and more.

Create miniature stitch designs in minutes with scaled-down tools and easy-to-follow instructions. Comes with custom, reusable, itty-bitty hoop frames so you can show off all of your embroidered beauties. Petite projects never had such big appeal.

Tiny Stitches has everything you need to get started with particularly small projects, (scissors not included). It comes with an embroidery hoop, three pendants, plenty of thread, needles, fabric, and more. The book also comes with guides for how big to do your patterns, plus dozens of patterns to copy, or you can make up your own. There are enough supplies included for at least 25 designs.

Includes; a 54-page book; 1 kid-sized embroidery hoop; 3 tiny hoop pendants; 1 necklace; 10 pieces of fabric; 8 colours of floss; 2 embroidery needles; Reusable transfer paper and a wooden stylus to trace designs onto fabric; Klutz-clear instructions to teach you 10 different stitches; Over 100 patterns for you to choose from.

Recommended for ages 10 years +

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