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  • WOW I Can Read - Stage 1 Modern Cursive Victoria

WOW I Can Read - Stage 1 Modern Cursive Victoria

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This 48-page workbook has activities that will help children revise and consolidate their knowledge of the letters and sounds of the alphabet while developing their handwriting skills.

The workbook has been designed to take the beginner reader from the recognition of the single sounds, to the decoding of three or four letter phonetic words, to the successful reading of simple sentences.

Includes exercises for: - Rhyming words. - Beginning, medial and final sounds. - Matching sounds/words to pictures. - Adding letters to form or change words. - Increasing comprehension and vocabulary. - Identifying the shapes and patterns made by different letters and words.

Printed in Modern cursive recommended for Victorian Schools

Recommended for ages 4 - 6 years

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