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Zip Flyer - Hexbug

  • $20.00

First build it, then play with it!

This robotic gadget is capable of shooting propellers over 30 feet (10 metres) in the air. Pull the zip-cord stick to release, the faster you pull, the higher they'll go. The excitement doesn't stop there, the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer can be built for both hand-held and tabletop action. Two ways to build, two ways to launch.

Once it's up and running, this model is fun for hours. VEX Robotics is dedicated to promoting the rewarding and exciting hands-on learning that comes from its STEM-based construction kits. Challenge yourself and your friends, how far can you make your propellers travel?

Includes 100+ snap together pieces and 3 propeller flyers

Recommended for 8 years+

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