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Sky Dreamcatcher Swing - 180cm Sky Tree Hanger B4 Adventures

  • $30.00

B4adventure's sky dream catcher swing is a unique, colourful hand-woven swing that will take children soaring on their own backyard adventure! It includes a 96cm, hand-woven polypropylene rope with UV resistant eight foot adjustable nylon, a sturdy steel frame, and two carabiners.

The 180cm sky tree hanger for easy hanging to trees, structural beams or other hanging supports.  It is made from heavy duty polyester webbing makes it easy to hang any B4 adventure product from a tree, swing set or beam

6' length x 2" wide, each end has a reinforced loop along with stainless steel safety carabineer. 

Hang on a live tree branch of at least 10" diameter with a clearance of at least 6' in all direction.

The Sky Dreamcatcher Swing has no assembly required and has easy installation. The swing can hang from two points or a single point for more spinning action. Children can swing, twirl, and spin as far as their imaginations will take them.

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