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ScootaHeadz - Danny Dinosaur Green

  • $29.95

Scootaheadz are new colourful, funky accessories that make your scooter extra special. The cartoon-like characters attach simply to your t-
bar scooter some balance bikes or trikes. They are waterproof, easy to clean and very very long lasting - almost as long as the ice age. So come and join your new friends on lots and lots of great scooter adventures!

Scootaheadz will fit most t-bar scooters, t-bar balance bikes and trikes.  They are easy to fit on with an in-built t-shaped mechanism to allow the scootaheadz to fit right over the handlebar

Danny Dino can't wait to join you on your expeditions. This scootahead is a tough little creature,robust enough to withstand a little 'desert' storm or atad of ice age rain. Just wipe him clean and keep him on your scooter for as long as you like. (Perhaps a little less than a million years)

Recommended for ages 2 - 8 years

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