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ScootaHeadz - Cheeky Charlie Pony

  • $29.95

Scootaheadz are new colourful, funky accessories that make your scooter extra special. The cartoon-like characters attach simply to your t-
bar scooter some balance bikes or trikes. They are waterproof, easy to clean and very very long lasting - almost as long as the ice age. So come and join your new friends on lots and lots of great scooter adventures!

Scootaheadz will fit most t-bar scooters, t-bar balance bikes and trikes.  They are easy to fit on with an in-built t-shaped mechanism to allow the scootaheadz to fit right over the handlebar

Cheeky Charlie  rides again! Leave him outside the stables or the sweet shop and he won't mind.  He's made to stay pretty whatever the weather. Isn't he great company? And so easy to attach to most t-bar scooters!

Recommended for ages 2 - 8 years

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