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Rubiks Bear

  • $24.00

This is a “training” cube.
The easy-to-grip Bear is much simpler than the original Rubik’s Cube and will entertain kids with every twist and turn!

The original Rubik’s Cube can be incredibly hard! …..But they’re a great educational toy for kids, and they help develop many mental faculties that are useful down the line in the all-important STEM careers.

The RUBIK’S JUNIOR BEAR is ideal for little problem solvers. The cute twistable bear is easy to grip, 3x2x1, recognisable puzzle is simple to solve and will entertain children with character based imaginary and educational play!

So what better than to introduce the Bear Cube to children so they can get used to that kind of problem solving—not to mention in an incredibly cute, 3D-printed package?

Recommended for ages 4 years+

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