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  • Rainbow Elf Meena with Flying Squirrel - Schleich 41437 *

Rainbow Elf Meena with Flying Squirrel - Schleich 41437 *

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Explore the world with quality Schleich Figures.

Meena and her flying squirrel are simply inseparable. The little furry animal follows the elf everywhere. They both have the same favourite food: honeyfruit! They usually meet at their favourite place: beneath an ancient elm where they frolic around, attempt little magic tricks in the shade or share a honeyfruit between them. Meena is wearing a beautiful friendship ring set with a red rose. There's another identical ring for her best friend. Could that be you? 

Meena has a magical power that makes all animals love her. They allow her to stroke them and even eat from her hand.

Recommended for ages 3 years+

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