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Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding - Playmobil

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Cats are under represented in the toy arena, now here is a fantastic Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding House with lots of toys, a climbing tree, and hiding places for the cats.

The interior and exterior area are connected by a swinging pet door.
A suspended branch connects several climbing and hiding places. 
Some of the included cats can hide in the caves.
The cat litter box can be cleaned with the cleaning kit (shovel and bucket).
Outside, a large climbing tree with lounge chairs invites the cats to romp and relax.
The included label sheet contains ten sets of paws, which can be used to decorate the walls of the building as desired.
One of the kittens or the gray, seated cat can be transported in the portable cat basket.

Playmobil encourages learning through interactive play and this set can be played on its own, or combine with other Playmobil sets for hours of fun. The unique playing principle stimulates imagination and creativity and thus promotes child development: With PLAYMOBIL®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature.

Recommended for ages 4 years+

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