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Ooze Lab Chemistry Station - Thames & Kosmos

  • $70.00

Play the role of chemist with this huge, colourful, functional lab station! Create glowing slime, fizzing reactions, Oozing Bubbles, colourful chromatography, and more!

With 57 pieces, this kit has everything you need to conduct experiments like a real scientist, including beakers, test tubes, flasks, pipettes, and more.

Printed experiment cards clip onto the lab station for easy reference and additional experiments and scientific explanations are included in a separate 16-page, full-color manual.

The kit includes a large plastic chemistry station, experiment cards, various vessels in different sizes, syringe, measuring cup, pipette, spatula, tube, petri dish, funnel, non-hazardous chemicals for the experiments, and experiment manual.

Includes non-hazardous chemicals; does not contain borax.

Recommended for ages 6 years+

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