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Hydraulic Robot Arm Kit

  • $79.95

Build a working moving hydraulic arm!    What a wonderful challenge for the beginner engineering enthusiast, and an engaging project to help you learn about robotics, levers, fluid dynamics and design and technology. Use it as a fun way to move small things around the house. 

Using pressurised liquid, this Robot Arm operates with a suction apparatus or a gripper as well as several points of movement operated via the control base.
Using the levers, you can command six different axes of varied movement using the gripper, rotating wrist, forearm, and shoulder. With the removal of the gripper, you can also activate the suction apparatus which enables you to elevate objects with a larger surface area (like a small mobile phone) - it can grip, lift, and rotate close to 270°!

Children will have total command and visual manipulation of this DIY Robot Arm using the scientific principles of a Hydraulic system!

The ingenious braking system that is integrated into the lever controls will help you to execute commands with extreme accuracy, wow!

Your kit includes: 229 pieces and easy to follow instructions with detailed illustrations.

Height approx 41cm
No battery of motor required. Lifting capacity of 50 grams.

Recommended for ages 10 years +

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