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Sun Catcher Deco - Dinosaur - Amos

  • $14.00

Glass Deco is an easy craft activity for younger children, with a great result. No patterns needed, just colour Suncatchers. Use your imagination to create unique colour mixing on Suncatchers.
Use your completed Suncatcher as a key chain, mobile, Christmas tree decoration, or room decoration.

Includes : 6 Suncatchers,  Glass Deco 10.5ml x 6 Colours, (White, Orange, Sky Blue, Purple, Sparkle Yellow, Sparkle Green)

Each suncatcher measures around 7-8cm

How to make 
1. Fill Glass deco colours into the various shapes of Suncatchers.
2. Put the coloured Suncatchers on even surface and let them dry(approx. 8hours).
3. Link the Suncatchers with a fishline or a chain to display.

Recommened for ages 4 years+

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