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Chemistry Lab 80 Experiments - Discovery Kids

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This beginners Discovery Kids Chemistry Lab is the perfect introduction to the Chemistry world for young chemists. With up to 80 fun, safety tested experiments to perform with the included sturdy science tools and chemicals, the learning excitement will go on and on. Plus, most all of the tools are reusable for future scientific exploration!

Includes: 2 Test tubes with stoppers, a test tube rack, and a test tube holder; 2 Stopper-corks with holes and 2 without;2 Glass tubes and 1 rubber tube; 1 Spout brush, funnel, alcohol lamp, measuring spoon, scoop, dropper, stirring rod, 100 ml glass beaker, safety goggles, and instruction manual; 6 Filter papers; 8 Chemicals; 80 Experiments to follow

Recommended fo rages 10 years+ 

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