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Gnomes at Night Co-operative Game

  • $42.00

“The queen’s treasures have been stolen! The thief was last seen running through the winding maze of the castle, dropping them along the way. The queen calls on two of her trusty gnome friends to help! Guide the gnomes through the maze to find all the treasures and return them to the queen in time!”

Gnomes at Night is addictive and fun. The vertical board fosters true cooperation. A charismatic player can’t just bully the others into doing the “right” moves, because they can’t see half the board. Instead, we’re forced to communicate, clearly and succinctly; each group of players may come up with their own shorthand terms (or frantic pointing) to tell each other which way to go.

A game for 2-4 players
Play Time: 15 minutes (including setup)

Recommended for ages 6 years + (probably 4years with teams)

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