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Flexistix Creativity Set 133 pieces - Hape

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  • $48.00

Build a variety of shapes and structures with this fun Creativity Kit!  Includes 133 pieces of bamboo sticks and flexible silicone connectors that can be arranged to make ten separate projects –  not including the ones your child designs themselves!

Children learn through hands-on play. The new Flexistix range from Hape encourages building, constructive problem-solving, and imaginative thinking. 

Made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world! Bamboo is also clever because it renews itself in a natural way, over and over again.

Durable child-safe paint finish.

Hape toys are developed to enhance a child’s developmental skills. Neither language, nor culture, nor gender impedes the intuitive play patterns. What children see as fun, parents and educators recognize as age-appropriate learning basics; social, sensory, physical, and emotional skills. Using natural materials, water-based paints, and strict quality and safety standards make every Hape toy an investment kids will love and parents can trust.

Recommended for ages 4 years+

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