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Diablo LED - Britz n Pieces

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  • $36.00

This ancient toy combines the levelling effect of the gyroscope with the control of a yo-yo. What you have is essentially a giant yo-yo that can leave the string. It can be thrown very high and perform mind numbing tricks. Comes with a DVD to help you learn all those great tricks.

A great test of skill and hand eye co-ordination, great for learning juggling. It will put on a spectacular light show as it spins through the air or on your string, spin the diabolo as fast as you can, then shoot it into the air and catch it again.

Includes 30+ trick QR Code ensuring you learn all the latest tricks and progress your skills.

With three different light effects the LED Diablo will add another dimension to this skill toy. 

Colours may vary

Recommended for ages 8 years+



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