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Cuppi - Quut - Sand & Bath Toy

  • $10.00

QUUT = cute beach toys for girls and boys!!

This is such a cool new toy - it does heaps of clever things and takes up almost no room in the beach bag. 
The cups are clever because they do more than 1 thing - and with the inclusion of the ball, and some strategically placed holes the CUPPI will become the ESSENTIAL beach toy.  BUT WAIT  its great for snow play too, scoop snow ready for snow balls, creates patterns and snowcones!!

2 cups in the shape of icecream cones that nest for easy travel, that scoop like shovels, hold sand and water so that you can write with it, and can shape turrets on sandcastles.   ADD the ball - to run around in the maze you have dug or throw and catch between two players.... the play possibilities are endless!!

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