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Boules 8 Ball Set Metal

  • $82.00

Great family fun game played outdoors on any reasonably firm surface: your backyard, the park, a field, a gravel parking lot, a shell driveway.... Hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt or very soft surfaces like a fine beach sand or long grass are not recommended.

Any place that is open and fairly flat is a potential site. A few bumps and hollows are fine and they can even add more challenge to the game.

Teams are normally made up of one, two or three players, or you can play as singles.  Balls are thrown and the aim is to land near the couche (jack).

The winner has their boule closest to the coche wins that end, with an extra point for each boule that is closer to the coche than their opponents closest boule.

Recommended for ages 6 years+

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