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Australian Geography Game

  • $50.00

A fun game that introduces kids to their country.

Race around Australia collecting Landmark Cards. At least one from each State and Territory. Watch out for the Outback! First one to Canberra with 20 Landmark Cards wins.

The game board map is huge, folds out to 80 x 75 cm.
Includes 2 Levels of Play, Standard & Advanced, so the whole family can play.

Includes;1 Game Board Map – 80 x 75 cm; 120 Landmark Cards; 10 Blank Landmark Cards & Stickers; 30 Outback Cards & 20 Kangaroo Stickers; 2  Trays – to separate the cards when playing; 4 Tokens & 2 Dice

A game for 2-4 players.

Recommended for ages 5 years+


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