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  • A Pig Called Pete - by Alan Bowater

A Pig Called Pete - by Alan Bowater

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Signed by Author

Readers are introduced to a playful, lovable pig who stands out from all others of his kind. 

Unlike normal pigs, Pete is purple, likes to take baths, and flies around the world every night. ‘Pete doesn’t like being dirty. He won’t wallow in icky sticky mud…because it oozes between his toes and in his ears. Pete is squeaky clean and washes twice a day with sweet smelling soap. Pete’s been able to fly since he was a piglet…

He's definitely not a pink pig who loves mudhes, a purple flying pig who washes with sweet smelling soap. The sky is the limit for this unforgettable character and his adventures.

Author Alan Bowater Illustrated by Pete Pascoe


Recommended for ages 4 – 7 years 

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